Where Do You Find Passion?

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Recently I encountered something that I do not come across very often, somebody who is extremely passionate about their job. The excitement in their voice makes you genuinely happy for them as you listen to them answer questions about their work. I believe this is something we need more of in this world, passion.  

We need to find something that creates a sense of peace within ourselves. Let’s stop walking through life on autopilot mode and start truly living it. Feel jubilant with what you do with your time. I challenge you to find something that makes your soul happy.  

I have a 9-month-old son and am married to a wonderful man who happens to be gone frequently due to his work. I am optimistic that writing this blog fills me with passion. Listen to those around you that love their work or hobbies and be inspired by them. I find it easy for people to lose sight of what makes them happy in life. I know that I get caught up in taking care of our son and all of my other responsibilities that I forget to enjoy the little things in life.  

I believe the more we take care of ourselves, the happier we will become. Then, a ripple effect is created. Go out there and pass along joy to others through passion and maybe with time, this world will become a better place.