Experience the Aquarium Through Your Child’s Eyes

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Of course, where ever my husband and I go, it ends up being an adventure. That is exactly what we incurred when we drove down to Chicago, IL to take our son to the aquarium. We had stayed the night in a hotel the previous night. Oddly, we had to pay for parking. We decided to walk to the aquarium rather than having to pay for parking twice. Perhaps not our brightest idea. A mile and a half later and we arrived to discover an obnoxiously long line outside in the brisk air.

Once we got inside, I was enthralled with how much our son was into the fishes. We were able to point at the sea creatures and most of the time he would look at them. This was exciting to me because this was not a skill I expected to him to have. I loved watching him touch the glass in hopes of being able to touch them.

The Chicago aquarium, The Shedd, has a lot of attractions. In my opinion, it is like a miniature Sea World. I found this trip to the aquarium far more enjoyable than other trips to other aquariums. Although our son is still little, it was interesting to see things from his level and perspective. The look of excitement on his face made the trip worthwhile. The abundance of attractions was a bonus too.

Another thing I enjoyed was the sculptures made of trash from the ocean. The way they were built was amazing. However, it was a good reminder to recycle.

If you are ever in Chicago, I highly recommend going to The Shedd. I personally would not make the mistake of going during Spring Break like we did. The shows they put on sound awesome. Unfortunately, we were not able to watch any of the shows because our son was exhausted.

Our adventure continued as we quickly learn why Chicago is called the Windy City. On the way back to the car, the wind was strong and blistering cold. We looked like a hot mess with only being in sweaters and our son being in my husband’s jacket. As we looked around, we noticed that everybody was in winter coats. It was abundantly clear that we were from out of town.

Even though the walk was miserable, we thoroughly enjoyed seeing our son experience the aquarium. The next time you go somewhere, try looking at things from a different perspective. This gives you an opportunity to see things in a new light. I had a delightful time seeing things through my child’s eyes. I hope that if you give yourself to do this, that you can have a similar experience.