Hello Child, Goodbye Privacy

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Before I had my son, I used to wonder why my friends would complain about not ever having a moment to themselves. They would claim that they could not even go to the bathroom without their toddler bothering them. It usually left me wondering how this even became a thing. Then, I had my son and all of those inquiries flew out the window.  

My son was a colicky baby and always needed to be entertained. This correlated to my child frequently accompanying me to the bathroom. I cannot even recall the number of times that I put him in his bouncer and bounced him with one foot while using the restroom. I have worn him in his baby carrier and used the bathroom while in public.  

The airplane has very limited options for using the restroom while flying by yourself with a baby. Ironically, this is where I get the weirdest looks for wearing him in the restroom.  

Today, I came to the realization that all boundaries are officially gone. We are currently staying with family as we travel to Virginia. Although their house is clean and clutter free, not having baby gates on the stairs makes it difficult to get things done by myself. I desperately needed to wash bottles and start laundry. Of course, my husband was still sleeping. I proceeded to wake him up considering it was 9:30 am and I had been up with the baby twice during the night.  

My son had been busy all morning making it hard to get things accomplished. Naturally, my husband took what seemed like ten years to get out of bed. He rolled in bed as if ten hours of sleep was not enough. After about five minutes, I went upstairs and fed the baby. Of course, I desperately needed to use the bathroom and there was no sign of my husband. Therefore, I had to bring my son into the bathroom with me. While I unexpectedly went #2, he attempted to pull down the shower curtain and folded up the floor mat within a matter of minutes.  

Undoubtedly, my 9-month-old son had to take things to the next level. He came up to me and pulled at the bottom of my pajama pants. The next thing I knew, he was standing and looking in the toilet. Although I moved him quickly, this was the defining moment that my days of privately using the bathroom were long gone.  

To my surprise, when we exited the bathroom, I saw my husband dressed for the day. He was just standing in the dining room and all I could think was, it must be nice to take your time to roll out of bed and get ready for the day.  

Motherhood is not for the weak. The moment I pushed him out is the moment my modesty and privacy dissipated. Children change everything. How much did your levels of modesty and ability to have privacy change when you welcomed your little one into this world?