Former Friends

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If I were, to be honest, I would start this post out with, I am horrible at keeping friends. I can easily blame the military brat mindset, but is that really the case? I think about my past friendships and all the events that occurred between us. I am left questioning quite a few things.

A few of you, why did we grow apart? Then, I have those friendships that ended in heartbreak. I wonder, was it worth losing a friend
over a boy or ill behavior? Could I have tried harder to forgive you or vice versa? Perhaps the outcome would have been different if we discussed the issue at hand rather than one of us abruptly ending the friendship. Would this allowed us to look past the issue at hand? Would we still be in each other lives?

I watch from afar as your family grows or another accomplishes the things that I always hoped you would. I sit here with my son sleeping in my lap and my husband playing video games next to me and wonder, how is your life? I am left with blissful memories of a childhood friend, whom I spent endless hours riding around with in a Barbie Jeep and an adult friend, that I spent a ridiculous amount of time in Target with. At the end of the day, I remind myself that we have certain friends at specific times for a reason. We may not know why, but, God put them there for a reason.

Therefore, to all of my past friends, I thank you for simply being my friend. I appreciate all the stuff you did for me and the wonderful moments we shared. I pray your life is going well. In the end, all we can really do in life is learn from our past. Personally, I hope I can be a better friend and that my next best friend is here to stay.