The Dreaded Bath

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My son used to love baths. We had a 4moms Infant Tub and perhaps we spoiled him with that. After all, the tub detects the temperature and the water circulates. The sink faucet fills up the water reservoir and filters down into the section that your child sits. This causes the level of the water to increase, which forces the dirty water out of the tub and into the sink. Not only is the water staying moderately clean but, this ensures the bath is the perfect temperature the entire time and our worries aside. Honestly, I think they should make an adult version because it sounds marvelous. Needless to say, he loved it and was constantly splashing.

Eventually, my son outgrew that tub and I bought an inflatable one, like this Inflatable Safety Bathtub

. I absolutely loved it because it gave him the extra support he needed to sit up. Once again, this was a major convenience thing for me. I felt more comfortable bathing him by myself with the extra “safety” measures.

January rolled around and things quickly went downhill. My son and I took a last-minute trip to my parents for a week. My parents have 2 boys that are very close in age to my son. One is 9 months older and the other is 4 months older than my son. My parents have a rather big bathtub. Therefore, my Mom puts multiple kids in the tub at once. Well, my Mom put my son in the tub while I was out of the room and he instantly started screaming at the top of lungs. I have no clue what caused this sudden reaction because he had been in the tub during past visits. Unfortunately, this was not a one-time event.
We returned home and went back to using the inflatable tub. Needless to say, I was very thankful for that style tub because it protected him from hurting himself. He would flail around and scream bloody murder while I bathed him by myself.

My husband eventually returned from deployment and I was hopeful things would improve. I could not have been more wrong. Even though I now had help, absolutely nothing changed. The screaming continued to be instantaneous, the moment he realized he was taking a bath he flipped his switch. Honestly, I do not know how the cops were never called because the screams were truly horrendous. We had tried toys, joining him, and letting him play with anything and everything. The only silver lining we had was, that our son did learn how to stand up while attempting to escape the tub. Nothing seemed to resolve the problem and to make matters worse, we were about to embark on a ridiculously long road trip.

Our road trip began and we quickly discovered that our son loves to have some kind of bodily fluid blowout in his car seat. I think we changed his outfit at least once a day that we were in the car. We had just left my parents and only had to be in the car for 2 days before we make it to my husband’s brother’s apartment. We assumed that we would be in the clear for baths. Our son had something else in mind for us as we quickly discovered when we stopped for the night at an overpriced hotel. I went to get our son out of his car seat and discovered that he was covered in urine. I wrapped him up in his blanket to try and not make it obvious that I was carrying a child soaked with pee. The biggest problem? We only give our son aden + anais

blankets because they are muslin. Our pediatrician said babies are allowed to sleep with this style of blanket because of how porous the blankets are. The downfall? They are not the best option for hiding things.

We head inside the hotel and of course, the lady booking the room for us is extremely slow. I start to notice that our son is pooping. The lady continues to talk to my husband as I pretend that everything is fine. After all, I am the only one that knows that this is about to turn into a disastrous situation. Thankfully, we got our room keys and head to our room. I informed my husband of what I suspected had happened in the elevator. My fears were confirmed as my husband slowly took him away from me. We found poop all over him, the blanket, and myself. Now, where does this leave us? Having to bathe our son at a time when guests are starting to retire to their rooms.

My husband and I stood him up on the counter and wiped him down before sticking him in the bath. Undoubtedly, our son found this predicament hilarious. After all, he was standing butt naked in front of the mirror. Little did he know; his laughter would quickly be replaced by the sound of the dreaded bath water. Of course, no bath is complete without screams that sound like somebody is seriously injuring you. My husband tries distracting him, but just like any of our other recent bath adventures, it does not make a difference. By the grace of God, we did not get a noise complaint.

My husband and I were starting to feel like this stage was here to stay. We became those parents who waited as long as possible before giving another bath. We finally thought of another idea and prayed it would work. We stood him up in the bathtub and splashed around his feet. We persevered through the tears and 30 minutes later, he was stomping joyously. Although I was able to quickly wash him while my husband held him up, he was still not a fan of sitting in the bathtub.

Feeling hopeful, we encouraged splashing and using encouraging words during his next bath. We over exaggerated every little thing with happy tones of voice. Towards the end, we had our little boy sitting and splashing. We continued pushing through by slowly pouring water on his head while cheering for him. Although this was an improvement, we still had a little boy who was still apprehensive about this whole bath thing.

The next bath, I gave to him by myself because my husband was at work. There were minimal tears and plenty of distractions. We may have soaked bathroom floors in the near future but, I will gladly take that over battling my child to bathe. My husband and I finally felt like we could call this a win.
In the end, it took us a lot of time and patience to rectify the situation. If you are trying to improve certain things in your life, please do not lose hope. Keep at it and try different methods until something works. Remember, we have all struggled with something in our lifetime, especially with raising our children.
A month has passed since I originally wrote this post. We were able to incorporate some amazing toys that had been in storage. Now our son absolutely loves bath time and despises the end of it. Ironically, he now tries to sneak into the bathroom in hopes of getting a bath. Hang in there and do not forget that you are not alone. It took months to get to this place but every stitch of effort was worth it.

As asked, here are some of the toys we use:

  1. The Green Toys Submarine is one of my favorites because you can submerge it under water. It also becomes an interactive way to rinse your child off. This really helped us because a toy is more entertaining rather than a cup of water being poured onto you. If you look above, you can see the submarine in use. Another reason I love this product is, that it is made of recycled plastic. I am a huge fan of that. Our son also plays with it along with the sea creatures in the water.
  2. The bath mat we us is a Playtex one. I have sat on it and it does not bother me. He stands up a lot in the bath tub and has not slipped on it.
  3. We currently have these, Munchkin Ocean Squirts Bath Toys. The starfish is his favorite. I do love them because they squirt. Squirting bath toys always add a little more enjoyment in my opinion. I do plan on switching to these BeginAgain Bathtub Pals in the near future, because they are eco friendly, dishwasher safe, and do not mold as easily because of the rubber. It’s amazing the things you learn once you become a parent. I never would have thought about the possibility of mold in toys until recently. If you do have the type we currently have, just make sure to drain them good and stick them in a spot that will allow them dry out.