Child, Timing is Everything

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As some of you might know, we moved from Washington state to Virginia in March and April. We saw most of our family and thoroughly enjoyed my husband’s time off. Considering it is now May, this post is a little overdue.   


Why does it seem that children always have the perfect timing for things? It is like they can sense the chaos and feel the need to add to it. My son started rapidly advancing his skills during our trip and while we were settling into our new apartment. While I am very proud of him, this only made moving across the country that much harder.   


Have you ever noticed that when something clicks with somebody, it tends to have a ripple effect? This is exactly what happened with our son. We arrived in Michigan and my son and the dog were obsessed with each other. Our son learned how to speed up his army crawl to keep up with the dog. After all, they had to share toys and essentially play tag. My husband’s Aunt’s house is spacious, not cluttered, and even had a den area connected to the dining room. This made it nice for us because we could see him as he explored. The den has one long step that is short in depth. Our son figured out how to go up and down it. The first time he went down the step, I nearly had a heart attack but, he did it like a champ.   


Aunt B had bought two toys for our son. (In case you were wondering, the phone she bought is amazing, you can program your phone number into it). We had kept those toys and the toys we had brought with us in a chest. The next thing we knew, he was pulling himself up and standing by the chest. As if that was not enough progression, my husband started walking our son around the house. It was clicking with our son fairly quickly. Also, he was figuring out how to get into cabinets and flip pages in books. I was taken aback by the number of things he had achieved in those four days.  


Fast forward three weeks and we are finally in our apartment. The very first day in our apartment, our son figured out how to unscrew the door stoppers. I found that annoying but, just put them back on. Well, we no longer have those door stoppers because a few minutes later, he had the white tip of the door stopper in his mouth. Considering how monumental of a choking hazard that is, there were no second chances for the door stoppers staying. I went around and unscrewed all of them.   


Of course, it could not be that simple of a fix. We discovered that our son loved playing with doors. Thankfully, they make door stoppers that go in the door hinges. Hallelujah. We no longer had to worry about him choking on the door stoppers or the walls being damaged.   


Since moving in, my son has decided that he loves to follow me into the bathroom. One day, I had to do my hair and instead of waiting for him to follow me in, I brought him with. My son was playing with his toys and I went to the living room to grab something. I returned  30 seconds later to find my son standing next to the toilet. He was proudly splashing the toilet water. Needless to say, all I could do was chuckle, take a picture, and wash his hands. Now, if you forget to shut the lid to the toilet, you can hear toilet water being played with.   

Considering we had just moved in, we had boxes everywhere. I was attempting to unpack them while simultaneously watching our very active son. I had overlooked the fact that our son was getting into the cabinets because we did not see any harm with him playing with the pots and pans. Naturally, our son could not resist proving us wrong. A few days passed and the boxes may have dwindled but, our son’s curiosity grew. I walked around the corner to find him reaching for the fire extinguisher that is under the sink. Yet again, I rush to the store to obtain another baby proofing item. I love the magnetic locks for the cabinets. I was disappointed we would not be able to use them because you have to screw them into the cabinet. Honestly, this was probably why I did not have baby proofing items on hand. I got to the store and was ecstatic to find out that they now make ones that use an adhesive to stick to the cabinet. This meant we could use them in the apartment. My son loves to pull on these cabinets and so far, they are holding up. I am thankful because we can now keep all of our cleaning stuff out of his reach. (I highly recommend the magnetic type system if you are having to baby proof as well. Also, they are great for creating a medicine cabinet to prevent children getting into medicine).   


For some reason, my husband felt like his bookshelf full of video games would be safe in the living room. Not much time had passed before my son had slowly begun to put a few of his video games on the floor. My husband’s solution? He put some of our son’s toys in front of the bookshelf to divert his attention. My husband’s prevention method lasted maybe two days before more video games started reappearing on the floor. In the past, I had simply left the games on the floor until my husband came home from work because he is anal about the organization of them. The fact that there was an organizational system to this bookshelf, only made things more upsetting to my husband when they got knocked off.  The final straw soon followed and made my husband realize that this was not a good spot for the bookshelf. We were sitting on the couch and our son goes up to the bookshelf. In one swoop he knocked the items off the last shelf. The second to last shelf rapidly followed. I was laughing hysterically while my husband was relocating his stuff.  


Obviously, we do not have much control in our lives. Children will accomplish things at their own speed, even if it is not an ideal time for us. Things will constantly be thrown our way and the only control we have is how we respond. Remember, life is a journey, try to sit back and enjoy it. I know I try, even when my son has figured out how to turn around in the cart or completely unroll a roll of paper towels.