Taking the Little One to the Beach

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I recently took our son to the beach. In February, my husband and I went to the beach but, I carried our son in the baby carrier. This was his first real trip to the beach. I was excited to meet up with friends and see how our son would react to the beach.

Packing for the beach is already a difficult task but, add a little on and it takes it to the next level. My first bit of advice is to make sure you have a good beach bag. Ideally, it is spacious and machine washable. Odds are that the bag will get sand in it at some point. Therefore, choose a bag that you are okay if it gets dirty. I was not prepared in this department. I had gotten rid of all my beach style bags before we left Washington. I did not want to bring the diaper bag and quickly discovered that my backpack did not have enough space. I was stuck choosing either my Disney Boutique Belle bag or my sequined duffle bag. I decided that sequins would not be the best in the sand. I was not thrilled to be taking a leather bag to the beach.

Let’s talk about the ridiculous amount of stuff I brought to the beach. Three bottles, formula, water, diapers, wipes, change of clothes for both of us, goldfish, cheerios, jars of baby food, Band-Aids, towels, swimsuits, sunblock, sun hat, and probably some other items that I am forgetting about.

We made it to the beach and applied sunblock before walking down to the beach. Here I am with a backpack, a bag, and a baby. The sand was extremely hot and intensified the stuff I was carrying. I am still debating whether flip-flops make it harder to walk through the sand.

I rented an umbrella because the antibiotics I was on made it easier for me to burn. Luckily, one of the girls brought a sheet for us to sit on. This was extremely helpful because of the temperature of the sand. I put my son in a swim shirt to have less of his skin exposed to the sand. I think it is a smart idea to bring some kind of umbrella to block the sun for your little ones. I think it is a good idea to have more sun protection while you are playing in the sand. After all, there is plenty of time to have direct sun exposure in the water.

I was excited to put my son’s feet in the water. I always find it intriguing to see a child experience something for the first time. Typically, their reaction is priceless. Man did he not like the water. There were instantaneous tears. Honestly, it was a little comical. After that, I stood in the water holding him. Then, we sat where the tide would hit us occasionally. He seemed to become calmer the longer we were there. I can only hope that with time he enjoys the beach. If you think about it, the ocean can be a scary thing if you have never encountered it before. After all, one second the water is touching you at one level and the next thing you know, a wave is splashing upon you.

One of the girls did hold him for a few minutes so that I could get in the water. We all had agreed to submerge ourselves in the water. The water felt so nice. I love having a real beach to go to. It is a nice change from Washington.

I loved taking our son to the beach and hope that my husband can join us next time. Whether you have a few additional people to pack for or just yourself, it definitely takes some time getting ready to go to the beach. I hope some of this helps you with your next trip to the beach.

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