B is for Book

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My son loves books. We have a stack of them in the living room and he goes through all of them. It is quite entertaining to watch. Sometimes he opens all of the books and goes from book to book. My favorite thing he does with his books is when he surrounds himself with them.

We are a huge fan of alphabet books. Originally, I just read the book to our son but, I started questioning that method. After all, how is he supposed to know what ‘B’ looks like? I now point to the letter as I say it and as I finish the sentence I circle around the image. I feel like this gives a better depiction of this ‘B’ and this is a book.

As most of you know, the majority of our stuff was in storage for longer than we anticipated. I did not truly introduce books to him until he was ten-months-old. I was being frugal and not buying books because I knew we had 30 in storage. In hindsight, I did not expect for our stuff to be in storage for five months.

Around Easter time, my husband’s parents gave our son a touch and feel book.

There had not been a lot of book time in his life. We had only exposed him to books when he was really young or at my parent’s house. There had not been a lot of book time in his life. I watched as his Grandma laid there with him and read him the book. I was enthralled with how into the book he was. He flipped through those pages so many times during the following days.

We frequent Goodwill just for the heck of it when my husband has duty. We found a Disney first words book. Honestly, I am not a huge fan of the book but, I got it for 50 cents. However, the book is colorful and keeps my son’s attention while we are in the car. I love hearing him read it aloud to me.

My husband and I are firm believers that a first word has to have a context. Our son can say dada and mama but, can he say which one of us is which? No. Therefore, we did not consider it to be his first word. To my surprise, Travis did say his word and I almost missed it because he was saying it to himself. I looked down to see our son holding a book and saying “book.” I was so excited that I had him say it a few times on video. I think it is so cool that his first-word was book.

If you are ever looking for a good story, let my son read a book to you. All of the babbles make it better. I am so thankful that my son is so intrigued with books. I hope that our son always loves books. I highly encourage you to buy the book. Do not do what I did and wait. Whether you are the parents, a relative, or a friend, buy the book. Give him or her the gift of inspiration. It is one of the best things you can do.