Leave It To the Professionals

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I do not know about you but, Pinterest is my best friend and worst enemy. I love all of the creative and beautiful things on Pinterest. It leaves me with a sense of inspiration and the urge to design something. While I love the feeling, executing the idea is another story.

When I succeed, I really succeed but, when I fail, I really fail. I decided to create my own wedding invitations. I figured it would be cheaper and I could get the exact look I wanted. We did create these beautiful pink and gray invites with a slightly rustic touch but, they took forever. Not only did the take several hours to make but, the supplies were costly as well. It is still a toss-up on whether that was worth it. The invitations had the design I wanted but, a simple pre-designed invite would have been far easier.

I was so excited when we found out the gender of our son. I wanted to announce it in a unique way. I wanted to mail an announcement out to everyone we knew. I planned to emboss the word ‘Love’ at the top of the paper. Embossing the letters would give it a glimmering effect without it being messy. Then, I wanted to have a circle at the bottom. In order to find out the gender of the baby, you would scratch the circle to reveal that we were having a boy. I quickly discovered that embossing takes some time and does not smell good. Also, my handwriting changes a lot, there is no editing your writing once you emboss it, and I cannot make a circle if my life depended on it. Needless to say, they ended up in the trash and we had a generic Facebook announcement. However, I did have a redeeming moment when I created an elephant backdrop for the Baby Shower my sister threw me.

I am a frugal person on some things. Sometimes this is a good thing and sometimes it is not. When it came time for packing up the house and moving things into storage, I was frugal. I picked up boxes from other people in the military community. After all, they were free. Everything was going pretty well until I came across a box that was covered in paint. The main issue was that you could still smell the paint. Did I throw it away? No. Instead, I applied Christmas wrapping paper to the inside of the box. 30 minutes later and I had a box. That was a big waste of time.

I recently started selling Pampered Chef. I like to be original. I have never been the type of person who is excited that I have the same thing as somebody else. Naturally, I created my own material for my virtual parties. I decided to create Bingo cards because Bingo is one of my favorite games. I wanted them to showcase that I was selling Pampered Chef and have my name on it as well. This would have been a great idea if I had the proper tools to do it but, I did not. I used the free Word in Hotmail because I am still waiting for my husband’s email to be fixed so I can get it for a discounted rate. The only problem with that is that it is extremely limiting. Therefore, when I finally got a table created, I could not do much to customize the table. It simply was not working the way I wanted it to. This led me to create a table in paint. Once I had that down, I went to a program called Canva to add further designs to it. Of course, my computer was freaking out and was going extremely slow. Also, I had to back in and redo the Bingo numbers for each card. This entire project was from scratch. I even created the card numbers with a randomizer. Now, that is a lot of clicking. I spent hours on these cards and only got 10 out of the 20 done. In the long run, it would have probably been a good idea to have just bought cards off of Etsy but, that’s not me.

My husband, my son, and I went to the beach the other day. I had grabbed a king size fitted sheet on the way out the door. I figured we could make it work. After all, there was a Pinterest thing we could do. The idea is that you have four things to prop each end up and that prevent sand from blowing into the sheet or being knocked into. It turned out I had only three items. Apparently, I learned from the last time I packed for the beach. Try to imagine us sitting on this triangle shaped sheet while eating our lunch. There was just enough room for the three of us to sit. I am sure we looked comical, especially since we surrounded by beach pros. Did you know people bring tents and canopies to the beach? I did not. We definitely screamed “beach amateurs.”

I will be that mom who is creating something original for my child’s event. I will be the Pinterest type of mom who most likely fails and has to buy the item last minute at the store. I know that I am not alone in this department and I want my fellow Pinterest lovers to know, I feel your pain.