Father’s Day 2018

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This year was my husband’s second Father’s Day. Last year’s Father’s Day we brought our son home from the hospital! I had him in a cute shirt that said “Happy Father’s Day.” Honestly, there will never be a better Father’s Day gift than that but, I can try to get pretty close to it. I had bought my husband a Father’s Day card but, I hid it in the car. I tried to convince my husband he was not getting anything by only bringing my Dad’s card into the house. The card said “Happy Father’s Day from the ‘good one.'” The inside of the card said, “Just kidding. It’s from me.” I found the card extremely funny. However, my husband did not. I was confused until after me asking a few questions I discovered my husband thought the card was for him. He told me, “it’s a few days early but, thank you.” I laughed and quickly informed him it was not for him. After that, he saw the humor in the card.


My husband is not big on gifts but, I could tell from his reaction that he wanted some kind of acknowledgment. I had the card hidden in the car but, I had found this idea on Pinterest. It was super cute. It was a t-shirt that had a handprint impression on it. The instructions seemed simple enough. I had to trace my son’s hand onto paper. Then, cut it out, trace it onto the contact paper, and cut that out. I forgot that the hand would mirror what I traced after I cut it out. I had to re-trace it onto the contact paper. Let me tell you, tracing and cutting the contact paper was a pain in the butt. The next step was to apply the hand on the shirt around where my husband’s heart would be. The first time I applied it, I put it too low. I took it off and reapplied the hand. In hindsight, I should have re-traced it and tried again but, I did not do that.



The next step was to spray bleach on the shirt to give it a spray paint effect. If done correctly, the handprint would remain the color of the shirt. Well, I had never used bleach before. I sprayed the shirt outside and was super proud of how it looked. I went back inside for 30 minutes to allow the bleach to dry. Then, I went back outside and was severely disappointed. The shirt did not look like how I left it. In fact, it now looked like a huge blob of bleach. The handprint was barely there. To make matters worse, the wind must have blown because the bottom of the shirt was now on top of the bleach. There was nothing else to do but, put it in the washer and dryer. I figured I would give it to my husband for a good laugh. I mean, I had spent hours getting the stuff to make it and actually making the shirt design.



The day before Father’s Day was our son’s first birthday but, my husband had duty. If it were up to him, he would have woke him up at four in the morning to tell him. That was a no-go in my book. Therefore, he called from work and told our son Happy Birthday over the phone. My husband came home on Father’s Day and we gave him his gifts. He chuckled over the shirt and said the hand looked like a crown. He was extremely happy that we tried though. Although it was Father’s Day, my son had a cake photo shoot later that evening. I told my husband that he needed to take a nap so that he did not look tired for the photo shoot. He insisted he was fine and he just wanted to play video games.


Four hours later and I noticed he looked tired. I was frustrated because I had told him that I did not want him looking tired for our photos. There was nothing I could do about that now. We decided to take our son to the park. Our son loves climbing up the stairs and exploring the park. Normally he does not go to the tunnel but, today he decided too. I had put him in the tunnel from underneath the playground equipment. Then, I went to stand back up but, I had turned my head at a pretty fast rate. I managed to hit my head on a lower part of the playground set. I fell to the ground and took a few minutes to get up. If you could not tell, I am not very aware of my surroundings 90% of the time. My head was now hurting which meant we had to go home sooner than expected.

Hit my head on the right side.

I iced my head for a little bit and passed out on the couch. According to my husband, I kept waking up and asking him if he was watching our son and telling him that I did not want him falling asleep. I do not remember this but, it sounds like me. My body was trying to sleep off the mild concussion that I probably gave myself.


The evening came and it was time to take our son to get his photos done. My husband did not believe me that we were also doing family photos. If you happen to know my husband, you would know that he despises getting his photo taken. He was a good sport and took photos with us and even did a kissing one. I did get a glare of, ‘really? you know that I hate these kinds of photos.’


In the long run, my husband did not get the Father’s Day that I imagined he would. In fact, he got the opposite. He watched our son all day long and had to take photos. Holidays are tricky and usually do not go as planned in our family. My husband was such a good sport though. I appreciated him taking care of our son while I slept for hours. Maybe next year will be better? What did you do for Father’s Day? I would love to know!