Family Mealtime

Before our family moved to Virginia, our table was a place for storage. Especially Whenever it was just my husband and me, we rarely sat at the table for our meals. Instead, we sat in front of the TV and ate. Our table was so cluttered whenever my husband and I first moved in together, that my husband left a note asking me to keep it clean. Well, the table was my dumping ground. Day after day I would put my stuff on top of the table. Little did I know that I was putting my stuff on top of his note. Finally, after days of my husband putting the note back in sight, he mentioned it to me. After that, I tried to keep the table cleaner but, usually, it was a failed attempt. I do not know why but, in my mind the table is where I store myself.


Now that our son is eating big people food on a consistent basis, we are all eating together as a family at the table. I have read studies about how this is better for your child and a lot of other gibberish. Little did I know how much I would enjoy sitting at the table altogether. I feel like it is a bonding time. Our son gets to see how we eat and it encourages him to eat what we are eating. In fact, our son has gravitated towards wanting to use utensils. Being able to enjoy our meals together fills my heart with such joy.



My husband and I sit there and talk. Our son feeds himself and occasionally chimes in with his own language. Often times, it is just my son and I. It is extremely tempting to just eat on the couch but, we do not. I have learned that taking a breather from the real world and eating together is an important thing. I feel like it is something that is often forgotten about. We are so wrapped up in our electronics and our day to day tasks that we often do not put ourselves first. I encourage you to put down your phones and interact with your family. When you do this, you realize that you are connecting with those around you on a different level. I wish my husband and I had always eaten at the table together. It is an odd sensation to think that taking a break from reality to enjoy each other’s company can be accomplished by eating at the table. I hope that those of you reading this, take a page out of our book and start enjoying your meals together. After all, family should always come first.