Cake Smash Photo Shoot

The photos throughout this article were taken by Cait O’Brien Photography.I receive no compensation for this post.

I feel like I blinked and my son was suddenly turning one. This past year had joy and adventure; along with tears of happiness and plenty of tears from exhaustion. I experienced a new kind of love that I did not believe existed. I am so blessed to be the Mommy to my stubborn but, loving little boy.


I think like most moms I wanted to document my son’s entire first year of life. However, monthly photos and keeping a baby book went out the window when we sold our house. Although I did not achieve those things, I was determined to make it to his first birthday before he had any cake or sweets. I am proud to say that we made it to that milestone.


Before I had my son, I knew that I wanted to do a cake smash photo shoot. I envisioned this magical experience of my child smashing his face into his cake. Every time I told somebody that we were waiting to try sweets until his first birthday, I remembered how I was anxiously waiting for this to happen. I tried to prepare for everything that I could think of. I did my research and found a quality photographer that was reasonably priced. My son’s face turns red in the heat therefore,  We had scheduled the photo shoot later in the evening. I had planned for the photo shoot to be outdoors. I felt like it would give an authentic look rather than a posed look. Needless to say, I had a beautiful image in my head.


I was ecstatic that the day of the photo shoot was finally here. We arrived at the park and I was pleasantly surprised. Cait, our photographer, had a light Umbrella (do not know the proper terminology), props, a balloon, and a bubble bath. I was impressed before we even started. Our son was not in the mood for pictures but, with bribery and a patient photographer, she captured some amazing family photos. After all, a “1” that is actually candy is pretty enticing.



Thankfully, the smiles kept coming until I made a horrible suggestion. We got the cake out and I thought the photos would look great if the cake was elevated. Therefore, I said we should leave the cake on the stand. The cake slipped when my son touched it. The night was downhill from there. He wanted nothing to do with that cake after that.


I will admit that we were “those” parents who put the cake in his mouth and smashed his hands in it. My son cried and gave us a look of utter betrayal. All I could think of was, ‘of course my son would cry. After all, we were paying photos.’


Being great parents, we could not help but laugh through out the process. Our son accidentally stuck his foot in the cake. Instead of moving it, he sat there and cried. Pictures were quickly captured. In the meantime, he managed to put his second foot on the cake. After a few more laughs, we moved his feet.


Throughout the process, my son cried. Three adults trying to entertain him did not make a difference to him but, Cheerios did. Therefore, we hid Cheerios behind the cake to give a false illusion that he was eating cake. After that, the Cheerios followed us to the bathtub portion of the photo shoot.


As you can clearly see, these photos did not go as I had envisioned. I cannot count the number of things that did not go as planned in our son’s first year of life. Why should his first time having cake be different? Throughout our lives, things will go differently than we wanted. I chose to see the beauty in this experience. After all, we were given wonderful memories of trying to get our son to enjoy the cake. We had the pleasure of working with a talented and patient photographer. Honestly, I now think that this was better than our son perfectly posing for photos. This experience spoke more to his personality and isn’t that what documenting moments is really about?