Where Are the Changing Tables?

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*** I recently found this article when looking through my journals for a piece I misplaced ***


We recently completed our road trip from WA to VA. 5,800 miles later, we are now in Virginia. I am extremely thankful to be done with all of the driving. However, I need a moment to discuss a major problem we ran into. The United States is lacking in their availability of changing tables.


Imagine having to put your baby on the floor to simply change their diaper. Frankly, it’s horrifying. Thankfully, I have a portable baby changing pad. However, that does not change the fact that these floors are far more unsanitary than a changing table would be. Also, trying to get my son to stay on the pad while on the floor was extremely difficult.


If you wanted to see something comical, you should have watched me change my son’s diaper on a very dirty floor. I laid a bunch of paper towels around the changing pad on the floor. I was on my knees attempting to keep my antsy son on the pad. I am sure the people waiting to use the bathroom were wondering why the heck I was changing my child on the floor. Well, when moving across the country, changing your baby in the car is not an option due to lack of space.


I think the 2nd most intriguing diaper changing event was at a Wendy’s. I quickly discovered that my son had a poopy diaper. Thankfully, the bathrooms were a single person and I had my husband join us in the bathroom. Now, have you changed a child’s poopy diaper while they are standing? I certainly do not recommend it. It was a difficult task even with my husband helping.


The bottom line is businesses need to provide a changing table for their customers. Until this problem is rectified, I strongly recommend getting a portable changing pad. I think I speak for all parents out there when I say, thank you to those businesses who have changing tables. Major kudos to those that have them in the Men’s bathroom as well. For the rest of you, do us all a favor and rectify this situation.