Not a Hallmark Christmas

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I love Christmas music. I was extremely excited that we have a DVR and both Hallmark channels this year. I have indulged in my fair share of Hallmark Christmas movies this year. However, the lines between Hallmark and reality can blur.


I always imagined that Christmas season, yes, there is a season, would be a huge deal when I had a child. Well, my son’s first Christmas his Dad was deployed and our house had recently sold. Therefore, we were living with a friend until the Navy decided to bring my husband back.



Fast forward a year and my husband is home for the season. We also have a home to call our own. Now, that is a huge improvement. If you could not tell, I am a Christmas fanatic. In fact, Santa was discussed in depth before we decided to have our son.


This year we would be able to put up the tree as a family of 3. This is something I have looked forward to for years. After all, decorating the tree goes flawlessly in the movies. I was excited to see our son participate. Newsflash, my husband is not into holidays and we have a toddler. We were far from perfection.



My husband said something that made me realize we will never be a Hallmark family. In fact, when I take a look at our family, I realize we are more like a Tim Allen Christmas movie. Honestly, what is better than that? The Santa Clause series and Christmas with the Kranks are some of my favorite movies. Essentially they are about missing a major detail and the ripple effect that follows. These movies show that there is no such thing as a perfect Christmas season. In fact, disappointment will probably sneak its way in at some point but, love and laughter easily outweigh the latter. What is more important than that?


We added a few more ornaments a week later.


I may not have the Christmas season memories I expected but, I have memories that perfectly describe us. I have my husband enduring Christmas music for me as we put up the tree. My husband and I took turns helping our son put up ornaments. Now, that is a magical site. However, all of our new Christmas bulbs not having hooks was not magical. My husband and I sat there attempting to create hooks out of thread. Our toddler happily took advantage of this time to explore this new ball like objects. He proceeded to repeatedly bang 2 ornaments together as my husband told him to stop each time. The ornaments on our tree are not displayed the way I would like. We even have blue ornaments that my husband picked out. Also, our son managed to break the tops off of the 3 cheap ornaments we attempted to put at the bottom of the tree.



Although my tree does not look the way I would like it to, it represents us. It shows that we try to include our son in everything we do. We praise him for the good things he does. We do not go back and change what he does for our satisfaction. It shows that our lives are not perfect but, a little chaotic. All of our ornaments have a memory attached to it and that is special.


This Christmas season, I encourage you to remember that having a Hallmark Christmas is unrealistic. Instead take a look around and find the unique way that the spirit of Christmas is in your lives. Remember this is a time to create memories and celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. It is easy to get caught up in fantasy land but, it is important to come back down and enjoy your time with your loved ones. Merry Christmas everybody.